Digital Art, NFTs, Creative Coding

In our creative process, we frequently employ generative algorithms to infuse dynamic content into both our installations and live shows. Generative art is a key focus for us, and we achieve this through hands-on involvement, using custom real-time programming and purpose-built plugins that delve deep into computer systems. Our commitment to pushing creative boundaries is reflected in our programming efforts, where we specialize in crafting generative real-time art.

Utilizing our custom plugins and researched technologies, we work on developing unique generative algorithms. These algorithms serve as the foundation for creating visually captivating and dynamic animations in real-time.

Some of these distinct creations, born from the marriage of generative algorithms and real-time animation, are offered as NFTs and/or prints, providing interested individuals with the opportunity to own a piece of our artistic exploration. Additionally, our animations have found a home in digital museums, furthering the reach of generative art into the digital landscape.


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