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The struggle is real

Midfile Crisis is about realizing halfway through you are not gonna make it.

The struggle is real.

The work itself is the union of 2 projects, which, well, didn’t make it. Together though, they are stronger than ever. So yes, Midfile Crisis is a love story, too.

Procedural , ever changing real-time animation, October 2022
Javascript and WebGL


– 6 color palettes, inspired by recent artworks by Xenia Hausner, Ayako Rokkaku, Jenny Saville, Amy Sherald, Sue Williams and Emily Xie, are referenced accordingly. One additional, rare color palette will slowly cycle through the full color spectrum.
– Direction: Up, Right, Up Right
– Seed: Up, Right, Up Left
– Shape Tendency: Tetra, Box, Sphere, Octa, Ico, Multi
– Amount: Low, Medium, High

NFT Collection