Anamorphic Sculpture with Projections


Wood, steel, projections
Group Exhibition, Francisco Carolinum

In the installation “anna.Drei” we approach a sculptural rendition of an anamorphosis using only one plate and a projector. The plate is suspended asymmetrically in space and, due to the perspective distortion from the viewer’s standpoint, transforms into a square. The projection mirrors the structural space of the stairwell, virtually reconstructed and stylistically altered.

From the viewer’s standpoint, the digitally altered architecture of the Francisco Carolinum becomes visible, seamlessly transitioning perspectively into the real space. The chosen perspective ensures that the viewer encounters the anamorphosis only at the conclusion of their exhibition experience. Upon entering the exhibition on the 1st floor, the projection appears distorted. After the viewer has traversed the entire exhibition, they are led back to anna.Drei, where the anamorphosis is “resolved.”

This unique staging establishes a fascinating connection between digital art and real architecture, offering the viewer a transformative journey through space and perspective through the clever application of anamorphosis. “anna.Drei” invites exploration of the boundaries between reality and digital illusion, presenting architecture in a new light.

Anamorphotic Sculpture Series

Metaspace Exhibition

Francisco Carolinum