Wrapped LED Sculptures

lichterloh | STEALTH LED <br> <h6>wrapped led sculptures LHF10 2023 1146 scaled e1701350692797

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in visual aesthetics — our revolutionary concept involves enveloping LED panels and walls in semi-translucent materials, a synergy of artistry and technology calling STEALTH LED.

By day, these structures captivate with their visually pleasing exteriors, thoughtfully wrapped in materials that complement their surroundings. As the sun sets, a metamorphosis occurs—these sculptural marvels come alive, casting an enchanting glow as the concealed LED lights emanate through the semi-translucent covering.

This ingenious discovery not only enhances the daytime appeal of architectural elements but also transforms them into luminous spectacles that gracefully illuminate the night, harmonizing with the rhythm of the surrounding environment.

Our inaugural showcase of wrapped LED installations took center stage at the LIGHTHOUSE FESTIVAL in Croatia in 2019. Since then, we’ve annually crafted expansive sculptures using the STEALTH LED technique.

Check out the festival:

lichterloh | STEALTH LED <br> <h6>wrapped led sculptures IMG 9955 scaled