Curation, Multimedia Installations and Stage Designs

lichterloh | LIGHTHOUSE FESTIVAL <br> <h6>Croatia & South Africa</h6> LHF10 2023 1146 scaled e1701350692797

We are proud founding members of Lighthouse Festival (Poreč, Croatia), initiated in 2013 by the crew which used to run the infamous Viennese underground techno club Pratersauna. Since it’s beginnings to this date, we are the artistic directors of installations and stage designs at LHF. While we contribute a lot of our own work, we usually curate a large team of artists to work with us.

Between 2015 and 2017 we have worked on several installations under the alias AWF (with Clemens Wolf).

Since 2017, LHF also runs a South Africa edition in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Check it out:

Also, we have initiated a curatorial algorithm called “+1”, which defines a new featured artist and topic each year. Every year the current artist curates the +1 project and has to invite an artist for the following year.


Curational Algorithm

#include “artist”
int subject;
bool newFestival;
var oldArtist, newArtist;
if (newFestival == true) {
    subject += 1;
    newArtist =;;
    oldArtist = newArtist;
    newFestival  = false;


Featured Installations


Wrapped LED Technology

Our inaugural showcase of wrapped LED installations took center stage at the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia in 2019. Since then, we’ve annually crafted expansive sculptures for the main stage. Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in visual aesthetics — our revolutionary concept involves enveloping LED panels and walls in semi-translucent materials, a synergy of artistry and technology, what we call STEALTH LED. By day, these structures captivate with their visually pleasing exteriors, thoughtfully wrapped in materials that complement their surroundings. As the sun sets, a metamorphosis occurs—these sculptural marvels come alive, casting an enchanting glow as the concealed LED lights emanate through the semi-translucent covering. This ingenious discovery not only enhances the daytime appeal of architectural elements but also transforms them into luminous spectacles that gracefully illuminate the night, harmonizing with the rhythm of the surrounding environment.

lichterloh | LIGHTHOUSE FESTIVAL <br> <h6>Croatia & South Africa</h6> PXL 20220527 221538474


Light Installations and Sculptures