Generative Art & NFT Collection

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Seeking equilibrium

An exploration of light and form, continuously adapting on a quest to find equilibrium.

Samsa is a comprehensive art project which consists of a NFT collection (211 Editions), prints, and physical installations.

Motivated by the uncluttered yet intricate beauty of math.

Samsa undergoes a continuous process of transformation driven by fundamental mathematical principles, combining basic linear algebra with boolean operations. It unveils a dance of geometry, where distinct bodies seamlessly merge, creating a fluid-like sculpture in permanent flux. This metamorphosis perpetually evolves, as if on a quest to discover its ultimate and absolute form.

We tend to think about our works as living organisms. In this sense, creating them also means getting to know them, learning from them. In some way, often, befriending them.

Samsa is no different. Creating it also meant discovering it, exploring it‘s intricacies, molding it to reveal its nature: restless, eternal, elusive. Also: graceful, which, usually, wouldn’t necessarily pique our interest. This time around, we just couldn’t stop wanting more, it almost became an addiction.

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A unique edition of the project was showcased at the Lighthouse Festival in Bad Gastein in January 2024. Displayed on three screens, it formed a triptych within the imposing entrance hall of the Grand Europe Hotel.