Interdisciplinary Art Project

Music meets video meets installation: „Trialog“ is a multilayered art project between the electronic music band HVOB, visual artist Clemens Wolf and us. At the heart of the project are materials and the processes of their transformation, addressed on all three artistic levels and wrapped up in a single work. Each track is therefore a self-contained piece comprising installation, music and video.

The outcomes of this project include 10 individual covers for each track, along with an album cover (all photographed on medium format film), 10 music videos, and two sets of three-dimensional collages combining all 10 processes as well as a live AV performance.


ExplodingTender Skin
MeltingCool Melt
BreakingClap Eyes
ImplodingAnxiety To Please
BendingTurn A Rope Round It’s Axis



HVOB Trialog Album Cover

Trialog Collage & Covers

Three dimensional collage (of all 10 processes) / 10 single covers / 1 album cover

lichterloh | TRIALOG <br> <h6>interdisciplinary art project</h6> Trialog Album Cover Front
HVOB Trialog Album Cover Back
HVOB Trialog Album Cover

Video Works

Every music video serves as a visualization, offering a profound exploration into a chemical process. We recorded both the visual and audio aspects of each process, with the audio samples incorporated into the songs. Following the documentation of each process, we edited the video footage to align seamlessly with the sound.

Live AV Performance

During live performances, segments of the trialog project are integrated into the show, dynamically syncing with the music. Here is a recording by Electronic Beats in Berlin 2017.


At Parallel Vienna 2017, the Trialog project took form as sculptures accompanied by a gigantic video projection, illustrating diverse processes in various settings.

Arte Tracks

If you’re itching to witness us attempting to sound intelligent on an Arte interview, well, here’s your chance! Grab your popcorn and enjoy the spectacle of us trying not to look like confused penguins in the spotlight 🙂

lichterloh | TRIALOG <br> <h6>interdisciplinary art project</h6> Screenshot 2023 11 28 at 13.48.02