Interdisciplinary Project Including Video, Live Performances and Visual Arts

Between 2013-2017 we had the honour to collaborate with HVOB, where we did multiple music videos, rocked numerous live show and did a lot of fun parties ツ

Delve into some highlights from our joint endeavours below!

Video Works

We are committed to capturing the essence of HVOB’s sound with precision and dynamism, transcending auditory experiences to visual realms. Whether through graphic-only animations, generative art, or the filming and editing of organic processes, each video is a distinctive representation of the track, aiming to engage both your ears and eyes in a multisensory journey.

AV Performance

In our live shows, we predominantly employed generative real-time animations. By harnessing signals from the music, we seamlessly integrated them into our system, bringing the sound to life visually in real-time. Hours were dedicated to collaborating with HVOB, meticulously refining MIDI data that was then analyzed and transposed into captivating visuals—a meticulous process resulting in a synchronized marriage of music and dynamic, evolving imagery.


Interdisciplinary art project

Music meets video meets installation: „Trialog“ is a multilayered art project between the electronic music band HVOB, visual artist Clemens Wolf and us. At the heart of the project are materials and the processes of their transformation, addressed on all three artistic levels and wrapped up in a single work. Each track is therefore a self-contained piece comprising installation, music and video.

The outcomes of this project include 10 individual covers for each track, along with an album cover (all photographed on medium format film), 10 music videos, and two sets of three-dimensional collages combining all 10 processes as well as a live AV performance.

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