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The Beauty of Feedback

Conceived during the lockdowns of the pandemic, Automorph is the result of an exploration into self-contained, self-aware dynamic systems inspired by nature, biology, chemistry, computer science, and more. Our focus has been on systems that serve as metaphors for individual human behavior and decision-making. What past experiences have led us to this point? How can we actively shape our future, if at all? And how much of it relies on chance?

To visually articulate these concepts, we devised an algorithm utilizing a feedback loop. Every pixel within an Automorph artwork is in a perpetual state of self-inquiry, questioning its past actions and contemplating its next move. Some pixels remain static, biding their time for another opportunity. Others shift in various directions, while a few, in a daring moment, roll the dice.

Collectively, these pixels weave together to form a living, ever-changing, and irreversible structure—a natural evolution that never looks back, never retraces its steps, yet maintains the essence of self-awareness in each individual moment.

Seven distinct colors were selected, ranging from glossy to matte. Some resemble the surface of Mars, while others evoke the sheen of polished car surfaces. Each style is accompanied by 5 videos.

The “Automorph” compilation comprises 45 videos, including 10 exclusive airdrops, and is offered as NFTs. Adding depth to this intimate experience are the rich and vibrant sound compositions by Ateq, each uniquely tailored to complement every piece within the collection.

The “Automorph” series was showcased in the Digital Francisco Carolinum in 2022, where the archived version is still accessible for viewing.

NFT Collection

lichterloh | AUTOMORPH <br> <h6>generative art</h6> AutomorphCollection