HVOB – Always like this

HVOB – Always Like This

Interdisciplinary Video Work

Remixing Old Masters


We teamed up with the painter Andrew Mezvinsky to create a music video for HVOB. The video showcases digital 2D cutouts from famous old master paintings, including works by Claude Lorrain, Hieronymus Bosch, Francisco Goya, Rembrandt, Albrecht Dürer, and Jan Both. By composing those elements we created a natural scene where weird figures bouncing to the beat and kafkaesque objects moving to the rythm. The result is a music video that pays homage to the old masters while also connecting it to digital art.

There is also a remix to this video here.


Official music video for HVOB’s “Always Like This”
Artistic Research, Co-Direction: Andrew Mezvinsky Based on Drawings by: C. Lorrain, H. Bosch, F. Goya, Rembrandt, A. Dürer, J. Both
Written by Jack Steadman
Produced by HVOB Mastered by Robin Schmidt