HOUDINI – The Beauty of Scaffoldings

Light Installation


A light installation commissioned by STRABAG at the Lindengasse from May until September 2019. “HOUDINI” is an art project by anotherwordfor – consisting of Clemens Wolf (clemenswolf.com) and the media artists Clemens Gürtler and Christoph Schmid (lichterloh.tv) – who, in cooperation with STRABAG Real Estate, ensured an unusual, but resident-friendly play of light. The installation consists of 16 spots that illuminate the building including the construction site in the evening. Depending on the continuation of the construction work, different light cones and animations result. The light installation is put into operation for a few hours after dark.


Special Thanks to Tanja Skorepa, Stefan Mauer and the whole Strabag Team !! Thanks To Bureau F for cinematographic support !! music by Alexandre Desplat – “Canis Lupus” strabag.at bureauf.com